Portraits of a changing economy

Preserving memories and stories that are fleeting in times of economic change in one of the fastest-growing cities in America: Austin, Texas.

Bar La Perla


Bar La Perla is one of the oldest original cantinas on the east side of Austin, that has been intact since the 1950's. It is located in a corner now immersed in new buildings and hip restaurants (Comal and East Sixth Street). I visited the bar with an unclear idea of what I was going to find in there.  When I entered, I felt many eyes on me. Curious, friendly, and wary looks I was even asked if I was a police officer!?). There were groups of friends having beer and listening to Tejano music from a jukebox. It was a magical, stuck-in-time atmosphere, and I had to capture it. These are the faces of La Perla on an afternoon of October, 2015. amalia_diaz32