Classic canines

My very first dog was a senior and I guess I was also a senior new owner, since I was in my late twenties when she came into my life. I never had a pet as a child, and when I met my husband he had a sweet little mutt named Daisy. She was rescued from a cardboard box in the street and was around 7 years old back then. Daisy and I spent eight more years together during which I learned the basics of dog care and lived many important things including my marriage to her dad and our moving to the US. Daisy crossed the rainbow bridge in 2015, but she changed my life forever. I lived the wise and calm love of a senior dog with the heart of a puppy. 
Daisy opened a special spot for senior dogs in my heart, and for over a year I have been working with Classic Canines of Austin, to help homeless senior dogs to find second chances in life.