Barking Tales

Who are those furry creatures that we chose to be our companions since aprox. 30,000 years ago? Dogs have been part of many aspects of our lives for such a long time, and still there are so many without a place to call home. Barking Tales is a personal project that intends to raise awareness of our moral commitment with the species that once we decided to domesticate to be with us.

Animals have always been close to my heart. As a pet owner and volunteer at the animal shelter at the biggest no-kill city in the United States (Austin yay!!) for almost two years, I have accumulated a series of personal stories and experiences that I visually communicate here.

Playing makes dogs happier and saves their lives.

Socializing is an important part in the life of a dog, and even more in the life of shelter dogs. Playing is a great therapy for them to spend energy and sharing with other dogs. It is also one of the main sources of information for the behavior specialists, so they can provide useful notes to people interested in adopting. After playgroup sessions, dogs feel more relaxed and are able to spend more time in a kennel without the stress of being in a confined space. Overall, playgroup sessions make them more adoptable which in the long run means saving their lives.
These photos have been taken at the Austin Animal Center during playgroup sessions.



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