Barking Tales

Who are those furry creatures that we chose to be our companions since aprox. 30,000 years ago? Dogs have been part of many aspects of our lives for such a long time, and still there are so many without a place to call home. Barking Tales is a personal project that intends to raise awareness of our moral commitment with the species that once we decided to domesticate to be with us.

Animals have always been close to my heart. As a pet owner and volunteer at the animal shelter at the biggest no-kill city in the United States (Austin yay!!) for almost two years, I have accumulated a series of personal stories and experiences that I visually communicate here.

The babies of the heroes I: Margot, Liz, and Faye.

I started this series "The babies of the heroes" to show the human side of the superhero volunteers who tirelessly work for the wellness of the animals in the shelter. Most of them have beautiful rescue pets at home and as a reward for their endless efforts in the rescue world, I want to give them something that, hopefully, will last forever. Memories of their loved furry ones. 

For this first part of the series, the chosen superhero is Margot Buyens. Margot, a Belgian with the heart of a Texan, is a fierce dog walker who spends her entire weekends making sure the dogs in the shelter have potty breaks and meet potential adopters. She is also tremendously compassionate not only with animals, but also with people around her. Margot has two lovely senior lowrider ladies at home. Liz, and Faye. Although their ages are just an estimated, Liz recently turned ten and to celebrate she wore a tutu and mama made her favorite food: chicken livers! 

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