Barking Tales

Barking Tales

I photograph dogs because they touch me. By looking at them I see a lot of common things with humans but without all the layers of fear, distrust, and uncertainty that are present in our daily lives. Dogs are pure basic emotions and yet, they give us the most important lessons of selflessness, patience, resilience, and persistence. We domesticated them around 30,000 years ago, and today their interdependence with humans is so deep, that they relate to the world almost exclusively through us. 


Long tales

Classic Canines

My very first dog was a senior and I guess I was also a senior new owner, since I was in my late twenties when she came into my life. I never had a pet as a child, and when I met my husband he had this sweet little mutt named Daisy. She was around 7 years old back then and rescued from a cardboard box in the street. Daisy and I shared many important moments of life like my marriage to her dad and our moving to the US. After eight glorious years together, Daisy crossed the rainbow bridge in 2015 and she changed my life forever. I was fortunate to feel the wise and calm love of a senior dog with the heart of a puppy. 
Daisy opened a special spot for senior dogs in my heart, and for over two years I have been working with Classic Canines of Austin, to help homeless senior dogs to find the second chances in life they all deserve.


Friends and their senior dogs

I have always thought that losing our dogs is one of the hardest things in life, but it would be worse for them to lose us first. Their pure, fragile hearts probably would not be able to deal with it. They teach us important lessons about life and we have fun together, and then they leave. The price we pay for this is the loss of a big part of our hearts, and the fear of forgetting. We want to remember even the slightest detail of our life together. Their smell, their looks, their games... our special and unique relationship.
One of the most rewarding outcomes of Barking Tales is being able to fight this fear of forgetfulness. During a couple of years I have been photographing my friends and their senior dogs trying to capture their essence and the uniqueness of their relationship while rewarding them with visual memories. 


Short tales

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