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I photograph dogs because they touch me. By looking at them I see a lot of common things with humans without all the layers of fear, distrust, and uncertainty that are present in our daily lives. Dogs are pure basic emotions and yet, they give us the most important lessons of selflessness, patience, resilience, and persistence. We domesticated them around 30,000 years ago, and today their interdependence with humans is so deep, that they relate to the world almost exclusively through us.
The goal of Barking Tales is to raise awareness of our responsibility to the species we domesticated, by documenting how dogs interact with their surrounding world either from the streets, from the shelter, in events, or through their relationship with their people. Each dog faces different circumstances and each of them is a unique story that I aim to tell. As part of Barking Tales mission, I have partnered with The Austin Animal Center, Classic Canines (USA), and Fundación Vivatma (Colombia) taking photos to raise funds and market adoptable dogs and I am open to collaborations in project/story proposals. 

Shelter life

Dogs of Colombia

Dogs in the city

Eugene and his dog train